BetterGeoEdu - Teaching about raw materials with Minecraft


What is Minecraft and BetterGeo?

Minecraft is a popular game the world over. The aim of the game is survive in an open world made up of blocks. To construct buildings or tools to help you survive you need to extract natural resources such as wood, stone and metal. A big part of the game is about searching for minerals and metals such as iron, gold and diamonds. In many ways the game is about geology - the study of the earth.

BetterGeo is a mod for the game Minecraft. A mod, or modification, changes the way the game works, for example by adding new features. BetterGeo adds realistic geology to Minecraft, adding new rocks, minerals and metals, as well as realistic ways to find these. The mod also introduces environmental impacts and new tools and items to help you in the game. 


BetterGeoEdu helps you to get started teaching with Minecraft!

Below you will find installation guides, teacher handbooks and exercises to help you start teaching your students with Minecraft. The material is free of charge, but requires you to have the original version of Minecraft installed.


Teach about raw materials - the building blocks of our society


Minerals and rocks

BetterGeo introduces several minerals and rocks to Minecraft. Learn how to identify rocks based on their texture, color, hardness, magnetism and electrical conductivity with BetterGeo.


Soils and quaternary deposits

You will find more soils and quaternary deposits in BetterGeo. Learn what separates them, which are suitable for farming and in which climate zones you will find them.


From rock to metal

Almost everything in our society is made up of metals. Our houses, schools, cars, computers and mobile phones are all made possible with metals. But how many metals are there, and how to we get them? BetterGeo introduces more metals and alloys to Minecraft and gives them new uses.


Mining and the environment

Mining has several effects on the environment. Extracting metals also costs a lot of energy and can pollute our nature. Through technology we can solve many of the environmental problems, for example by installing flue gas cleaners. BetterGeo introduces environmental issues to Minecraft, but also gives technical solutions.